Duct Sealing Vancouver WA

Duct Sealing for Comfort, Indoor Air Quality, & to Save Money!

Leaky ducts account for an average 10 to 30 percent of your homes total heating and cooling costs. Mold spores, dust, and even radon gas can make their way through a leaky return air duct into your home’s crawl space and into your living area. A faulty supply duct not only wastes your money but allows pests to move into your crawl space bringing with them germs and disease.

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To qualify for Energy Efficiency Service’s rebate for duct sealing, you must use an approved contractor like ourselves.

We are an approved contractor with Clark County’s Energy Efficiency Services for:

  • Duct Testing, Sealing, Repair, Replacement and Insulation
  • Air Balancing to equalize Hot and Cold spots in the home
  • Home Air Leakage Testing and Air Sealing
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment Repair and Replacement
  • Programmable Thermostat Installation
  • Exhaust Fan Replacement and Repair

Below is a video done by Washington State University which explains more on Duct Sealing and it’s benefits.

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